Video for B2B Insurtech

We create video-driven marketing solutions to help insurtech leaders connect with:

  • Prospective clients
  • Team members
  • Investors

Introduce buyers to your insurtech product.

With so many innovations in the insurtech market, how do your tools differentiate? 

Video gives prospective buyers a quick and easy way to see what your technology can do for them.

Insurtech Product Explainer Video Example

Insurtech Brand Video Example

Drive better sales conversations.

Sales conversations are easier when prospects already know who you are and what motivates you.

Our video strategies make it easy for prospects to answer the question can I trust you? at scale, so you can focus on solving your prospects’ business problems. 

Attract like-minded team members.

Insurtech recruiting is easier when prospective team members understand the mission they’ll be serving.

Video is the most powerful way to communicate your company culture in a way that’s genuine and believable. 

Insurtech Recruiting Video Example

Brands we've worked with

Brands we've worked with

Not sure how to ask your clients for video testimonials?

Try our 4 FREE testimonial request email templates!

Ask your clients for:

  • Testimonials they record
  • Testimonials you record
  • Testimonials professionals record
  • Remote or in-person testimonials
email templates for requesting testimonials

Stories from our insurtech clients

What really makes Concurrent stand out is that streamlined process and ease in terms of getting it done, but then also the quality. One of those is nice to have...having both of them in a package is awesome. What you see is what you get, which is high quality, working with great people, and a really easy, seamless process.
Kayvan Farzaneh
Head of Marketing | CAPE Analytics
We loved working with Concurrent and would hire them again in a minute. In fact, we did. If you're looking for a fantastic video production team who truly tries to understand what you're all about, you can't do better than Concurrent.
insuretech CEO video customer bob frady
Bob Frady
CEO | HazardHub

Case Study: HazardHub

See how we helped co-founders Bob Frady and John Siegman transition from in-person to online selling.

About Concurrent

insurtech marketing video production

Concurrent was launched in 2017 as Concurrent Productions, a video agency devoted to uncovering authentic, human business stories.

Today, we help insurtech leaders change the world by building video-driven funnel solutions that attract the clients, team members, and investors they need to thrive.

Jeff Feazell & Kerri Feazell
Co-Founders & Principals