5 High-Impact Videos Insurtech CEOs Can Make in a Single Filming Session (with no preparation)

As an insurtech CEO, your time is scarce. When you commit time to a business development project, it needs to have as much impact as possible.

Luckily, you have two facts on your side:

  1. Video is the by far the most powerful way to connect with insurance industry prospects online.
  2. One filming session is all you need to engage your prospects throughout your funnel with a warm-and-informative human touch that’s still rare AF in insurtech.

To be clear, when I say “one filming session”, I’m talking about a natural conversation, sit-down interview, about 2 hours long. It’s fun – you’re not reciting memorized scripts or reading from a teleprompter. And you’re not going it alone: you have a great insurtech-specific video team in your corner.

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Now, let’s start with a hypothetical.

Imagine that you’ve sat in a comfy chair for an engaging 2-hour interview where you get to talk about all your favorite things, and now you have:

1. Brand Story Video

Your technology is impressive, but that’s not enough to get attention from carriers/MGAs/brokers/agencies (name your market) anymore. Insurtech buyers are inundated with new technology offers. They’re also inundated with lifeless outreach, boring animated explainer videos, and dry slide decks; none of which earn you much more than a row on an assistant’s vendor comparison spreadsheet.

But you know what they’re not inundated with? Authentic human-to-human connections with insurtech CEOs who actually know how to tell their story on a human level.

Enterprise sales today, just like the enterprise sales of yesteryear, depends on human relationships. People buy from people they like and trust.

The best way to earn trust from someone who doesn’t know you? Make it so they know you!

A typical insurtech brand video says:

“This is what we sell and here’s how it works.”

A high-impact insurtech brand video says:

“Here’s WHO we are. We get the business problem you’re dealing with, and here’s WHY we want to help.”

Most insurtech videos are all WHAT/HOW and no WHO/WHY. Change the order of your approach, and watch your sales calendar fill up.

So much of what you do as a startup is trying to get yourself known… and to give people the opportunity to feel comfortable with you. And I thought these videos did an excellent job.

Bob Frady, CEO | HazardHub

2. Lead Prequalification Video

Why spend your time talking to leads who aren’t a good match? No reason, that’s why.

And for that matter, even when you talk to leads who are qualified, why spend your time repeating the same basic information to lead after lead when you could be delving straight into their business problems?

Automate. That. Sh*t.

Here’s the formula: if it’s the same speech for every lead, video can do it.

I use a prequal video and I love it. So do my prospective clients. If you book a meeting with me, you’ll be automatically redirected to a page with a 90-second video of me saying all the things I won’t have to say when we talk.

Some great uses for a prequal video:

  • Explain your sales process
  • Frame the meeting: tell your prospects what to expect
  • Let your prospects know what key business information they should bring to the meeting
  • Give your minimum engagement pricing (confidently!)
  • Set yourself up for a second meeting. If they’re already expecting it as a routine part of your sales process, it won’t feel weird when you bring it up.

The best part of all? You already filmed it.

And because you were actually talking to a real person while you filmed it, you can automate all this without losing the human touch.

Wanna see my prequal video? You’re just gonna have to book a meeting!

3. Set of Product Detail Videos

Once you’ve begun a relationship with a prospect (read: once they know WHO you are and WHY you want to help), you’re officially free to get technical.

Luckily, you covered a lot during your filming session, including the details of your technology and how it works (this why you interviewed for 2 hours).

From this footage, you’ll have a small library of short clips that address your prospects’ most frequent curiosities and granular concerns.

What are their curiosities and granular concerns?

Check your notes from the first sales meeting (the one you booked because they loved your brand video)!

You probably have one or more short videos to address those very concerns, and they’re a great excuse to keep in touch with an email or two before the next meeting. Even if you already answered their questions during the first call, your prospects will appreciate the reinforcing followup, and they’ll be reminded that you are a human being.

There are 11 more of these, and John’s sitting on the same rock wall in every one of them.

4. Purpose-Driven Recruiting Video

Regardless of your exit strategy, if your plan is to grow your company, you’ll have to recruit, and the competition for talent is fierce.

Of course, there are a lot of recruiting videos out there, many of which are slick, clever, quirky, and/or very expensive. All with varying degrees of effectiveness.

Fortunately for you, job seekers don’t really need any of that. Study after study after study confirms that employees seek meaning and purpose from their jobs.

And because you already filmed an interview that focuses on your meaning and purpose (instead of just your product), you have all the footage you need to inspire others to join your mission.

There’s nothing quite like working for a genuine leader who cares about what they’re doing.

You are that leader, so why not let the world know?

5. Thought Leadership Profile Video

You’re an insurtech innovator, not just a mere entrepreneur.

If all you cared about was money, there are easier, well-trodden ways to get it. You founded your company on the belief that a good idea can change the way people do things, making the world better/faster/fairer/smaller/(name your superlative).

You have a silver-bullet idea to share with the world.

In yet another stroke of luck, you’ve already done the filming. A good edit can turn those conversational morsels into an inspiring, non-promotional narrative that draws an eager audience into your orbit.

Of course, your intentions are unselfish, but a well-cultivated thought leadership audience always throws some good leads your way, too.