Giving Back

As a member of 1% for the Planet, Concurrent has committed to contribute at least 1% of our gross revenue to organizations working to protect and improve our natural environment.

Below are the organizations we’ve supported so far.

Concurrent Productions donates at least 1% of its video production revenue to environmental charities.
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Towering cliff of Point Dume at sunset on a cloudy day with waves crashing into the rock formations below, Point Dume State Beach, Malibu, California

The Trust for Public Land

My deep love for natural spaces goes back to childhood, when my family would go sledding, hiking, and camping in the San Gabriel Mountains. Since then, our protected public lands have brought me immeasurable joy and some of the most meaningful experiences of my life.

The Trust for Public Land works to protect these valuable places so everyone has the opportunity to experience the healing and spiritual benefits of nature.

-Jeff Feazell

video production for insurtech
Sunlight sidelights aspen trees on a slope with Lupine and other wildflowers in the foreground in the alpine La Sal Mountains of Utah

Western Aspen Alliance

In 2015, I learned about Pando, a unique tree. It doesn’t appear as a single tree but rather as an aspen grove. The outward impression of 47,000 separate trees is misleading because they’re all interconnected through their roots, forming a single organism. Pando serves as a reminder that we’re all interlinked. Despite our individual appearances, we’re mutually dependent.

My support for the Western Aspen Alliance, which promotes sustainable aspen ecosystems, is a result of my direct experience with their efforts. I had the chance to visit Pando at Fish Lake, Utah, and witness their work firsthand. Because I personally know the individuals responsible for conserving the land and nurturing its growth, I trust their stewardship of our shared natural resources.

-Kerri Feazell