How to Make a Better Website

I’ve been doing a lot of sales prospecting.

Cold emails are my outreach of choice. I like cold emailing because it gives me the opportunity to breathe and communicate more eloquently than I’d be able to do with a phone call. If I’m emailing someone, it’s because I have something very genuine and nice to say about their website.

Concurrent Productions has a narrow and specific customer profile. We don’t restrict ourselves to any particular industry or company size. We reach out to companies who are going to understand our message. I can usually tell by reading their website.

I’ve read more company websites than human evolution has equipped me to cope with. Most of them are dry, insecure, and uninspiring, with excessive use of the words “experience” and “expertise”. And I’m doing my research in industries in which one would think that business owners would realize their personalities are the only real distinguishers they have. Law firms. Accounting firms. Cannabis business consultants. Builders. Manufacturers. Wealth Managers.

I mean, there’s always a photo of someone with a bio. But reading that bio is like reading the owner’s manual for a calculator.

Some websites are awesome.

Approximately one out of ten websites has at least a glimmer of sincere passion that shines through. I really like this – it brightens my mood.

And then, some are absolutely saturated with wonderful language of purpose and mission. These are companies with leaders who care about what they’re doing, aren’t afraid to align themselves personally with their mission, and bet on the future they want. I always reach out and lavish them with genuine praise, because I know I can help them.

I love reading a website that tells me something visceral and real about the people behind the business. So do customers. So does everybody.

Is your website sending the wrong message about you?

People don’t like to give their money to opportunists. An opportunist is a cynical individual who engages in business for no purpose other than to make money. Worse, an opportunist actually has less appreciation for money because their money isn’t intimately associated with the performance of a service that intrinsically brings them joy.

There are countless websites out there snuffing out the passions of truly amazing businesspeople. I see them every day. If you’re in a field that requires any kind of trust or value alignment, especially if it’s saturated, why not stand apart by sharing something personal and real about yourself?

Literally the only advantage to having a dry, lifeless website is that it will help you avoid getting a cold email from me. Am I that bad?

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Photo by Igor Miske on Unsplash