How to Make a Customer Testimonial Video

Have you ever taken a selfie in the bathroom mirror? I have. 

You’re looking at yourself in the mirror because you want an accurate reflection (I guess?), but you can’t really see yourself. Literally, because your camera is in the way, but also figuratively: you’re seeing yourself through your own eyes, which is not an unbiased look.

It’s a much different experience when someone else takes a photo of you, especially someone who knows you well. If they snap you doing something you love—something you’re fully immersed in, to the point that you don’t even know they’re taking the photo—that’s even better.

There’s no way around it: mirror selfies are supremely awkward and embarrassing. Why are we as humans doing this? Thanks to my friend Nate Udall for catching me unaware, basking in the sunshine on a hike. 

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