3 Ways a Remote Video Producer Can Create Content for You Now

We’ve been to remote networking events, virtual dinner parties, online fundraising galas, and we’ve given ourselves a new job: remote video producer.

So while you’re strategically planning for 2021 and wondering how you’ll reach your goals, we’re obsessively thinking about how video can help you authentically connect with customers, investors, partners, and employees. And how can we do it all remotely.

Perhaps in an even more meaningful way than before.

Here are a few pandemic-possible ideas we’ve been proving for you all year:

1. Connect with Clients Through Customer Testimonials Coordinated by a Remote Video Producer

This year, I’ve reviewed at least 800 websites and many of them have amazing, thoughtful written testimonials and reviews from happy clients. Most of them are only written endorsements and they don’t have videos. Is that you? (Pssst: You can have both! We do.)

Happy customers love to share their happiness! A remote video producer can help you uncover the best moments.

Words and text try but video has an immediate visceral advantage of making an authentic connection with your prospects. When you’re doing some ground work to establish trust, letting your customers speak for you is one of the most effective ways to to signal trust. The camera really doesn’t lie. And hiring a remote video producer to get it all to come together will bring you the business results you need.

Use Tip:

Create several testimonial videos, each with a customer that represents a different target demographic and/or problem you helped your customer solve. Choose the most relevant one deliver directly to the prospect it will speak to. our remote video producer can walk you through this process easily.

Remote Video Producer Use Case: Gravity Payments

Innovative credit card processor Gravity Payments amped up their contactless payments this year. In their collaborative campaign with American Veterinary Medical Association, they hired a Concurrent Productions remote video producer to focus on the benefits of contactless payments in a veterinarian setting. 

Remote Video Producer Use Case: Retrium

Remote-team pioneer Retrium hired Concurrent Productions to create a series of customer success videos, all 100% remotely recorded. We created one video with several customer stories and several individual ones showcasing different features and customer profiles. 

This is an individual testimonial. Interested in more samples from this project? Just ask!

2. Showcase Your Work and Yourself Through an Audio Interview Using New or Existing Video Footage

Necessity is the mother of re-invention! If you have product video or lots of footage you’ve used or haven’t used, let our team help you repurpose it! 

Use tip:

 Instead of sending a brochure or website, give prospects a chance to not only see your stunning work but also get your perspective. They might be able to buy your same products (or similar) elsewhere. By adding yourself to the marketing materials, you differentiate and get your clients to see the unique value you bring as they walk through a vendor selection process.  

Remote Video Producer Use Case: Studio Mahal

With a passion for biophilic design, Macelle Albelda spoke about her work as oner of Studio Mahal with so much love and enthusiasm. Coupled with footage (primarily) from the manufacturer or her products, she hired a Concurrent Productions remote video producer to interview her (audio only) and edit that into a compelling piece that showcases beautiful visual elements while adding a personal and emotional component from Macelle’s unique perspective. 

Remote Video Producer Use Case: Artist Christophe Piallat

The work of photographic and installation artist Christophe Piallat can’t be captured in words alone. But our remote video producer’s remix of Piallat’s existing footage and music combined with an awe-inspired audio-only interview creates a new emotional depth to connecting with his work in this video.

3. Bring Staff Together with a Virtual Event

We all desperately need to connect with each other, get on the same page, take a break, and remind ourselves how to be a team. Also: we need to have FUN!

Use Tip:

Job seekers are looking for companies that promote team-building and create innovative experiences for team connection. Creating a video of a virtual staff event is not only a great way to highlight team members and showcase your remote company culture to job candidates you want to attract. Hire a remote video producer and post a video like this on Glass Door.

Remote Video Producer Use Case: Sydney Paige Foundation for Prudential

Led by the ever-resilient Courtney Brockmeyer, Sydney Paige Foundation is a nonprofit that gives high quality backpacks and school supplies to kids who need it most. They also provide tremendous value for their corporate partners like Prudential. In this video, our remote video producer captured a fun virtual event via zoom. Designed to bring staff together in a virtual event, we also edited in interviews with staff to emphasize the corporate value of giving back to their community.

Key Takeaways

  • You can reinvent your marketing and team-building strategies successfully in a pandemic
  • Remote video production provides business value for meaningful and result-oriented connections with customers, investors, donors, partners, and staff
  • You don’t have to stress about how a stay at home order will interfere with your 2021 video marketing strategy. You can DIY (we can help you with that) or hire us for a turnkey, cost-effective solution.

Photo credit: “Video editing.” by MIKI Yoshihito. (#mikiyoshihito) is licensed under CC BY 2.0